7 Tips To Prepare Your Home for Winter

woodsWinter is coming and it is the season to get properties preserved and ready (especially in New England, never know what you’re gonna get!)

As the leaves fall and the daylight gets shorter there are some important things to do, most of them are often overlooked so here’s a starter list of tips to protect your property from the cold:

1. Gutters! Be sure to have them cleaned or if you are handy, clean them yourself, to protect against damage from ice damning.

2. Exterior water lines (sprinkler systems), hoses and faucets must be completely drained and left open for any possible water/ice to escape.

3. Fall fertilizer is really one of the most important ones, because it nourishes the root systems and gets it prepared for early growth in the Spring.

4. Snow stakes along edges of road and driveways, for plowing and snow blowing protection of the landscaping.

5. Lawnmowers, add stabilizer to fuel or even better run till completely emptying gasoline.

6. Make sure that you have some sand or ice melting material–before you need it.

7. Be sure that your electricity lines are not in danger of limbs coming down on them.

Feel free to comment with questions and share any of your own tips below or reach out via email and I will be happy to answer them!

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