What IS Real Estate Consulting?

hands on computerChoosing where to buy a house or condo is a vitally important decision. Consulting with an expert who has experience and knowledge of local and regional communities can have a huge impact on ones success and outcome.

Once you’ve done your research on schools and community services as well as commuting options and you are ready to hone in on specific communities you want to engage with someone who has a broad array of  knowledge in real estate. One who has knowledge relative to construction, heating, ventilation, landscaping, grading and many related fields, along with a strong network of attorneys and finance people.

The entire legal process of purchasing or selling any piece of real estate can be difficult & stressful or it can be exciting and enjoyable. Working with one who possesses the skills I’ve mentioned has an amazing impact on what one actually gets in or out of their investment. Zillow can be a powerful tool for reviewing homes, agents and more. Check out my Zillow profile and let me know if I can help you!

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The 6 Best Ways to Make Buying or Selling a Home a Good Experience

1. Find a top notch broker who is a good listener. The best way to do this is by asking a friend or relative who has recently sold or bought a home. Otherwise if you know an agent – call them!

2. Get pre-approved by a local lender (bank or mortgage company) that you are comfortable with. Again friends or relatives is always a great place to start – being pre-approved means you are ready and able and qualified to spend a certain amount on a home and can comfortably afford it.

3. Meet with the agent you choose (sometimes you have to interview more than one sometimes you just know “this one” is the right person for you.) Have them sit down with you and talk about your price range, house style, location, etc.home_for_sale

5. If you have little children looking at multiple homes can get boring for them and also it will not allow you to focus on the home and all the amenities. I suggest you find a babysitter or a relative or friend to babysit.

6. Attend Open Houses and be sure to sign your Buyer Agents’ name. This protects your relationship with them and you will be able to view several homes in one day. Also as a courtesy make sure the agent running the open house knows you already have an agent and let your agent know of any homes you think you are interested in.

Feel free to ask me any questions about Real Estate and I will be happy to reply.