What IS Real Estate Consulting?

hands on computerChoosing where to buy a house or condo is a vitally important decision. Consulting with an expert who has experience and knowledge of local and regional communities can have a huge impact on ones success and outcome.

Once you’ve done your research on schools and community services as well as commuting options and you are ready to hone in on specific communities you want to engage with someone who has a broad array of  knowledge in real estate. One who has knowledge relative to construction, heating, ventilation, landscaping, grading and many related fields, along with a strong network of attorneys and finance people.

The entire legal process of purchasing or selling any piece of real estate can be difficult & stressful or it can be exciting and enjoyable. Working with one who possesses the skills I’ve mentioned has an amazing impact on what one actually gets in or out of their investment. Zillow can be a powerful tool for reviewing homes, agents and more. Check out my Zillow profile and let me know if I can help you!

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Motivation of Brokers

Real estateWhile all brokers and agents need to earn a living, the motivations of anyone’s broker can have a huge impact on the value that broker brings to the table. Many agents are motivated by greed and only see their “clients” as $’s. Often those agents are heavy closers and often do a high volume of sales.

Other, more humanistic agents see their clients as themselves, as someone they have a fiduciary responsibility to protect and take care of. Obviously, there is a huge range of agents in between on a continuum. This is important to know for those who haven’t yet chosen their agent.

It can mean thousands of dollars of difference. I have seen many transactions where, for the same amount of money, in the same town and even comparable location, 2 different properties with a huge difference in real value, sold for the same price! And this happens largely due to the greed of a pushy broker. So make sure you choose a quality agent who views their clients as fellow citizens, who want the best value and quality property for their budget!

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