7 Vital Considerations When Selecting A New Home

Too often the emotional tug for a property, or the desire to buy, exceeds the desire to fully investigate many very important factors that will impact your quality of life.

Here are 7 things that you need to consider before buying a new home:

  1. Location relative to your job (if relevant)
  2. Proximity to grocery shopping, auto service, bank
  3. Actual land topography, grade, drainage,  in addition to hardscape surfaces of property under consideration.
  4. Egresses, size of entry foyers, coat closets, access to basements.
  5. Foundations. I like poured concrete, with good exterior exposure of 12″ from land to wood.
  6. Plumbing pressure via my 3 fixture test. Run water in tub/shower, sink and then watch sink water for drop of pressure when you then flush the toilet.
  7. Neighbors properties conditions that you feel comfortable with and that will impact the value of the property under consideration.

Have other questions? Thinking of buying or selling?

Check out my featured listings and reach out with more questions.

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