Finding an Agent Checklist: Important Ways An Agent Impacts Value

Anyone who is thinking about buying a home needs to know these vital facts to ensure they get a better than average deal. Most people don’t realize it but each real estate transaction involves around 350 touches or interactions (email, phone, documentation, etc.).

This is why a trusted, proven broker, who takes his or her fiduciary responsibility to obtain the best price and terms seriously is imperative to the process. You need someone who will truly represent his or her clients best interests and always be sure this is the primary focus of any purchase or sale. As a result, well represented clients can save lots of money and get more for their money.The questionnaire

Key qualities to be on the lookout for when choosing abroker are that they are professional and also available for you. When you make a meeting you want to know this person will be on time. With how connected we are these days you can find out a lot of information from a simple Google search.

Other bonus qualities may be but are not limited to: building construction knowledge, strong negotiation skills and a real network of allies (lawyers, lenders, movers, handyman to make moving easier.) Overall things like this will help with the ultimate buying/selling process and make your move much more enjoyable.

Let me know if you’re looking for a broker, I’d be happy to help!

Sam Webb, Broker Associate, Realtor (I’ve also got my builder’s license, too!)
International President’s Circle Top 2%
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