5 Key Decision Factors in Choosing Where You Want to Live

While some people know exactly which city or town they want to live in, many people, in this transient society are open to more that one option. People who move to a new area are often focused on their commute to a new job.

Even if you have been in the same job and plan on being there for several more years, choosing a living location is an important decision and one that you want to thing a bit more long-term about.

Here are some of what I believe to be the most important factors to consider when you are looking to buy a property:

  1. Job location, proximity and stability
  2. Lifestyle needs, such as recreation, shopping, transportation
  3. Schools, if you have or plan on having children in a public school system.
  4. Friends in the area.
  5. Community you will be living in.

Early on, I suggest you look closely at each of these items and decide how much of a trade-off you are willing to make for each line item. For instance, would you prefer to get more “house/condo” for your money by living a little further from a major city, but have to commute more? Or, would you prefer to live in a city and be comfortable with less space?

Once you’ve started to get a real feel for your preferences, then you can actually begin scouting out the areas you are considering to get a better feel for your future neighborhood and homeWELCOME HOME!!

Thinking about a specific location? Concerned with your current commute and looking to move? I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment on this post or reach out to me directly.

Sam Webb, Broker Associate, Realtor
International President’s Circle Top 2%
Email: Sam.Webb@NEMoves.com
Free MLS for my Clients:SamWebb.com
Cell 781-893-1195

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